Free subject management for Mechanical Turk.

About Turkitron


Turkitron is a free subject management system for behavioral researchers using Amazon's Mechanical Turk. Setup the link to your experiment in Turkitron, and link your subjects to the specificed Turkitron address. They'll enter their MTurk worker ID and if they are eligible, they'll be sent on to your survey. If they aren't, they'll receive a notice that they are not eligible.

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Features that simplify data collection on MTurk

  • Tracks MTurk worker Ids across all your experiments
  • Include up to 24 links for your experiment to counterbalance
  • Require pre-requisite experiments
  • Poll subjects who completed your experiments to get location information
  • Have participation data emailed to your inbox for individual experiments



Every experiment gets its own weblink. Simply provide the link on MTurk, and tell subjects to check their eligibility for the experiment.

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Recent News

New Web Site!

We have now launched the new Turkitron website. We have a lot of work to go, but keep checking back for new updates and new features from the Turkitron team!


  28 May 2014

Updated Subject Interface!

A brand new subject interface has been launched using Php and Javascript. This new subject interface will resolve the lags some subjects have experienced at high traffic times on the site. While launching, we also added the ability to track subjects' locations. You can view a subject's locatation under the Turkers tab of the Turkitron Manager.


  14 May 2014

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